Bug City

A bug-themed mystery party game filled with exciting scavenger hunts and mysteries for 6-15 players. Get ready to solve five fun mysteries and find the missing honey in Bug City! The game has 15 bug-worthy characters and is set in a tiny place called Bug City! Most characters can be male or female.

Recommended Age: Children 5-9

Who Swiped The Tinkerville Fairy Dust?

An enchanting non-murder fairy mystery party for 7-10 girls, set in the magical location of Tinkerville. This fairy mystery party can be expanded to up to 20 guests by making 'Twin Fairies. In this mystery, the fairy characters will have a chance to find the missing fairy dust and save the magical town of Tinkerville! 

Recommended Age: Children 5-9

The case of the missing Crown Diamond

A lighthearted all-female beauty pageant mystery party for kids ages 7+ in a Miss Teen USA beauty pageant setting. 8 required guests and 2 optional guests. A great choice as a fun beauty pageant mystery party with optional games and activities included. The game concludes with an exciting hunt for the crown diamond!

Recommended Age: Children 7-10

Mystery on Bluebeard's Pirate Ship

A swashbuckling pirate mystery party for 7-10 kids set on the mysterious pirate ship of Captain Bootstrap Bluebeard in the year 1623. This game is a pirate-worthy scavenger hunt style mystery party for co-ed groups or all boys parties. We will assist younger guests with reading the clues. This game is ideally hosted at a home, as there are scavenger hunt clues to be found in general home locations.

Recommended Age: Children 7-10

Pajama Party Pandemonium

An exciting whodunit for 8-16 females, in a slumber party setting. Zuri Zeller’s annual pajama party is around the corner. The girls on the guest list are now shopping for the perfect pajamas, and the party is set to be a huge success. However, everyone who is coming to the party has received a strange note on their doorstep! Someone is calling themselves the Waterford Riddler and has challenged the group to figure out their identity.

Recommended Age: Children 10-13 

Misadventure in Topsy Turvy Land

Get ready to have a blast at a tea party-style mystery in Topsy-Turvy Land sleuthing the Case of the Pilfered Pocket Watch! This game is a fun non-murder kid's mystery party game for 6-12 players ages 10 and up. Most characters are non-gender specific. 

Recommended Age: Children 10-13 

Mancy Crew Volume I

A detective-themed non-murder mystery party for all girls for 7-12 guests! Get ready to do some serious sleuthing and have a blast solving a fun and challenging mystery at River Peak High School! Mancy recently received word from an anonymous tip about a secret society called the Sisterhood of the Dangerous Secrets. Supposedly, one of the club members is the target of a hidden secret! 

Recommended Age: Children 12-16

Mancy Crew Volume II

An all-girls detective themed mystery party for 7-12 guests. Mancy received word from the local police about a diamond heist at Hemsberg Diamonds Jewelry Store in the town of River Peak.  The Zamkiki Diamond is the fourth largest diamond in the world, and was on display at Hemsberg Diamonds until jewel thieves broke into the store and stole it from the case! 

Recommended Age: Children 12-16

Mystery at the Oster Awards

A celebrity awards banquet theme for 8-16 female guests. Experience the glitz and glam of Hollywood at the 100th Annual Oster Awards. This year, this uber-exclusive awards banquet will be held in the historical Beverly Hills mansion of the legendary icon - Merry Monroe. This will be a night of caviar and glitter at this year’s Oster Awards!  

Recommended Age: Children 13-18

Find the Spy

8-12 gender flexible guests- A fabulously fun night where your guests are 'locked in a room' and given exciting challenges working as a team, using intellectual strength, and physical agility - all competing for secret clues to find out the spy's identity and why they were invited to this exclusive dinner party. 

Recommended Age: Children 13-18

The Mystery at the Godley Grove Manor

An exciting forensic science/detective themed all female (with required characters) or co-ed mystery party for 8-14 teens (10F, 4M), Godley Grove is buzzing about a recent treasure map that was discovered in Arles Cave by a Hartford University research team. However, Fiona just received a panicked call from the Godley Grove police department that the map was stolen right out of the display case. There is disturbing evidence that ties someone at the high school to the crime!  

Recommended Age: Children 13-18

The Murder of Archibald Grim

A fun teen mystery party for 8-16 players, ages 12 to adult, in a traditional-themed castle setting. It was no surprise when Archibald Grim's body was found by his housekeeper this morning.  It appears that someone has slipped the chap a bit of poison.  The burning question is - who is guilty?  Is the killer a former colleague? His butler? Or might it be a family member who wants an inheritance?  The Graymire police have listed you as a suspect in the murder of Archibald Grim.

Recommended Age: Children 13-18

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