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Bangin’ 50s

It’s New Years at the Pitz, the usual mix of customers, some noteworthy and some notorious, surround the crowded dance floor. The revelers hoist a glass of champagne to celebrate the arrival of the year 1955. As the clock strikes midnight, Sammy Fenetra begins to sing the familiar chorus of Auld Lang Syne. Suddenly the club is in darkness and three shots ring out. When the lights come on it is deadly obvious that the darkened room provided a killer with an opportunity for murder.

Hawaiian Homicide

Winnie Waheli was the head judge at the annual hula contest on Kikiwai Beach. Once regarded as the most accomplished dancer in all of Hawaii, Winnie’s career ended abruptly twenty years ago when one of her more strenuous moves produced a recurring medical problem which prevented her from ever competing again. She was then hired by the Kikiwai hotel to organise and run the hula event. Tonight would have been the night that Winnie and the hula event would make headlines again. However, someone must have taken exception to Winnie’s overbearing antics. This morning her lifeless body was found on the very beach where she had achieved

fame and fortune.

MYSTIC Misfortune

The Gazillionaire Girls Group, comprised of successful women, gather for their quarterly meeting. The hostess and entertainment guru, Bertha Brothert, has called the meeting on her yacht, ‘The Perfection’. She has invited a special guest, famed fortune-teller, Madame Magda, to entertain and predict their futures. However, when she pulls out her crystal ball, she shudders in horror as she foresees that someone will soon die. The next morning, the prediction comes to fruition as the body of one of the women is found floating next to the yacht.

Cabernet Casualty

Melee Vineyards in the Nippy Valley celebrated the winery’s 10 th anniversary last night, over a selection of fine cheese and a glass of the world-famous Melee Cabernet. The celebration was open to the public and attracted Melee’s admirers and foes alike, some of whom openly expressed their opinions about his supposedly underhanded business practices. Nonetheless, Melee simply shrugged off the negative words and dismissed the notion that someone was determined to end his reign as cabernet king. Around midnight as the event came to a close, Melee bid farewell to everyone and said he would stay around to turn off the lights. However, this morning, things had taken a deadly turn as someone had planned lights out for Malcolm Melee, for his body was found at the bottom of the staircase that leads to the oak casks in the wine cellar.

18th Hole Hit

For the past 10 years, golfing champion Holin Wunn, has dominated the tournaments in the region. He has been unchallenged by any man, but recently the woman’s champion has been pressuring him to compete in a battle of the sexes, which would rival the match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. Wunn finally agreed to a match which would go down in history. After 17 holes, Wunn was 1 up. Then it became dead-even. As Wunn teed up for the 18th hole, a deathly silence fell over the crowd. Just as he swung his club, he collapsed. He could not be revived and was pronounced dead on the scene. Who would putter around with such a gender controversy?

Death on Deck

Cruise director, Sunny Sails, knew how to make the passengers on board the Legendary Carnival happy. Her many encounters with the rich and famous would be fascinating to anyone who wanted to know the ins and outs of life on board a luxury ocean liner. Her adventures would make an experienced sailor blush. It was indeed strange when her body was found tucked away near a lifeboat on Deck 5. What appears to be a tragic accident soon becomes a homicide upon closer inspection. However, the ship will have to wait to be docked before the official investigation can take place. In the meanwhile, a group of on-board sleuths will need to patch the leaking hull…


It is the 50th birthday party of billionaire businessman Ronald Stump and no expense has been spared. The assembled group of revelers represents a dream team of the rich and famous, all “friends” and acquaintances of Stump, who presides like a king over the festivities. Finally, the moment arrives to wheel in the large birthday cake and sing a jubilant chorus of “Happy Birthday to You” to the stoic honored guest. He listens to the musical tribute, inhales a deep breath and blows out the candles on the culinary masterpiece. Suddenly, a loud explosion rocks the room. When the smoke clears, Stump is lying on the floor motionless. Paramedics are called, but they arrive too late. Stump is dead. Who would dare to turn a birthday bash into a deathday dirge?

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